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“As a pharmacist who worked in healthcare settings for many years, I have always questioned the propriety of dispensing highly addictive medications. I couldn’t ignore the loss of patients due to drug interactions and opioid overdose. Following several years of doubt and being a witness of mental and physical pain, I finally decided to fulfill my dream of establishing a holistic pharmacy to help those struggling with drug addiction. After researching cannabis, I learned it aids in problems that lead to drug addiction. Since then, I have had the opportunity to help many patients and pets make the transition from taking daily addictive medications to becoming 100% drug-free. Hempeutics Pharmacy is a board certified pharmacy with no medication on site. We offer personalized compliant cannabinoid combinations to help with conditions that lead to drug addictions. Having a compounding and clinical pharmacy background, I’m delighted to work with those who share this mission with me.”

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If you are thinking of buying CBD products, Hempeutics Pharmacy is the place to go. Owned by Dr. Pegah Panahi (Dr. Peggy), a licensed pharmacist, our pharmacy is trustworthy as all our products are lab-tested as well as tested in-clinic. We showcase the best in alternative medicine and healing therapies. The safety of our customers is important to us and we ensure that all the ingredients used in our products are organic and healthy for the body. Dr. Peggy has extensive knowledge about medicinal compounding as well as human biology and her goal is to use that to heal people holistically. She understands all your needs and concerns and is eager to help you out.

Dr, Peggy is a great visionary, and wanted to help people heal naturally and has over a decade of experience in creating routines and remedies meant to help patients and their mind and bodies the natural way. Each custom remedy is compound onsite at our holistic pharmacy. Unlike a traditional pharmacy that may include fillers and additives, you will know exactly what herbal and therapeutic ingredients are in your remedy. Let our team create your custom compound or refill for you today!

About Us

This holistic pharmacy is extraordinary! OMG, I never knew I could find a pharmacist in orange county with this much knowledge about cannabis and body chemistry. I just moved from Chicago last September and accidentally injured myself from a beach bike ride. I ended up with knee injury, lots of pain and bruises. My pain and discomfort got worst over the time and I was not able to sleep. I was introduced to Dr. Peggy by a friend. She is an amazing individual! You can truly tell she cares. When she told me about her story of trying to help with medication adverse effects and drug addiction I was very impressed! She helps you to pick a right CBD product. Her products work great and her formulas are so unique. I tried other CBD topicals before and nothing was even close to hers. She even calculates your dose and helps you to find the right amount! We need more pharmacists like her! Thank you Dr. Peggy for making me feel a lot better!

Lillian S.

My sweet old dog is dying of bone cancer... Dr. Peggy created a wonderful pain control CBD oil for my girl that is working SO WELL..!! It's two months after her initial diagnosis and she is STILL acting like a happy puppy, leg tumor and all... I HIGHLY recommend Hempeutics Pharmacy..!!

Richard S.

What i genuinely enjoy about this pharmacy is that i can walk in, talk to a pharmacist about what i'm looking for, and have it specifically formulated with cbd, cbn and essential oils for me! I bought their relief topical as well to use on my lower back and arms, it smells like mint and allows my muscles to relax! I'm coming back to purchase a sleep formula!


I am so grateful for CBD products. I have been suffering from painful muscles for a long time which has disrupted my everyday activities. My colleague recommended CBD cream and I bought it. Turns out, I finally found relief. Now I can do a lot more activities than before.

Christine L.

Being an athlete, I make sure I stay on top of my game. After every workout, I use CBD sports cream. It works miraculously and soothes my soar muscles.

Karl M.

Absolutely love Dr. Pegah’s CBD products! I take a daily AM and PM tincture and so does my dog as we work on a farm and ask a lot of our bodies. Her products have made the acute aches and pains a thing of the past. I’m able to use my body correctly because I’m no longer dealing with the sharp back pain that kept me from staying focused and present on the task at hand. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Pegah not only for myself, but for my trustee side kick as well! I couldn’t recommend these products more!

Charlotte C.

What an amazing pharmacy. The owner is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. If you’re thinking of trying CBD, this is your one stop shop for pain and insomnia tinctures.

William S.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience with Hempeutics Pharmacy. Over the course of time since originally coming to the pharmacy, Dr. Panahi has crafted and improved a formula for better sleep for me that has proven to be very effective. She asked me for my candid assessment of the efficacy of her initial formula, and based on my feedback, she reconfigured the dosage, which not only improved the formula, but also made it more cost-effective. On another note, the topical ointment that Dr. Panahi offered me for the joint pain in my hands (I play guitar) has constituted a great relief and an alternative to over-the-counter options available in dispensaries and conventional pharmacies alike. I have great confidence in Hempeutics Pharmacy's mission, and trust in Dr. Panahi, her staff, and the products she offers. Thank you.

Carlos C.

I met Dr. Pegah from Hempeutics at a city function and never dreamed I would meet someone at this time in our lives when we needed her most! We have been struggling with my father-in-law (90) who was suffering from dementia, agitation and sleeplessness. He could no longer be cared for at home with home care. Even when we moved him into a wonderful facility where he got better care, his behaviors escalated. His doctor continued to medicate him, but the results were not good. Dad was lethargic and uncommunicative, suffered from agitation with the "sun downing", and he was still not sleeping. We were just beginning to investigate CBD as an alternate treatment for Dad. Then I met Dr. Pegah who owns Hempeutics. I told her my concerns and she immediately came up with some suggestions. We asked our father's doctor and he was enthusiastic to give it a try. We tried one formula for the daytime to ease agitation and aggressiveness, and one formula to aide in restful sleep. The results were amazing! Dad responded positively within one or two days. He was alert, could hold a conversation (as best as he cold with dementia) and was much more content. The nighttime formula was added a little later. And with some adjustments, it has been showing success and he is sleeping better most nights. Dr. Pegah will work with the patient, families, care providers, the patient's doctor and, in this case, the owner of the care facility, to adjust the dosage to fit the patient's needs. Gaby has been wonderful fielding my questions and providing excellent service! I can't express the relief and happiness I feel knowing that our father is off his strong medications, is happier, healthier and more alert than we had seen him in a long time. Dr. Pegah is knowledgeable and really listens. She is genuinely concerned about the the results and will closely follow up with the care providers. She even plans to visit our dad soon. I look forward to working with Dr. Pegah and Gaby at Hempeutics, and am also starting to find formulas that are appropriate for my family's own health needs.

Pete B.

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