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4 Ways CBD Oil Can Help Your Stressed Cat

The expression “Scaridy Cat” didn’t come from nowhere. Cats are highly intuitive creatures whose propensity for stress is only matched by their cuteness. You may find your cat exhibiting new behaviors because of a change in environment, old age, ailing health, or travel. While trying to find a remedy that is safe, we ask you to consider CBD oil.

Many pet owners want to offer their cats relief when they are stressed but are left with little to no over the counter options. Here are 4 ways you can use CBD oil to help calm your stressed cat.

1. The Path of Least Resistance

The simplest way to use CBD for pets is transdermally. Using a topical CBD remedy is a great way to help pet and massage your cat until they are calm. Because you apply the treatment directly to the skin, it is easy to massage their paws and make it a relaxing experience.

2. Keep It Secret

If you have a fussy cat, perhaps it is best to disguise the CBD oil with a treat. Mix the recommended amount into a liquid treat or wet food to help encourage your kitty to relax.

3. Drink Up

Some cats are less particular with remedies, you may want to try adding a few drops in their water. While many pet CBD remedies are made with a pet-friendly flavor, some cats don’t mind the water approach.

4. Straight in the Kisser

You can give your cat the recommended amount oral. It is the most direct way to help your cat reach a place of calm and peace.

For those wanting help with their cat’s health and behavioral issues. Reach out to the Hempeutics team here for a free CBD oil consultation or visit our shop located in Huntington Beach, California.

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