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Custom Herbal Remedies

Find Wellness in Huntington Beach and Beyond

Your Search Is Over

If you have struggled to maintain or regain your health, look no further. Hempeutics Pharmacy in Huntington Beach is creating custom herbal and CBD based remedies for people just like you.

People who:

  • Have found no solutions through traditional medicine
  • Care about what they put in their bodies
  • Are tired of suffering
  • Worry about side effects in medication
  • Want to get better

Whatever your health concerns are, our onsite licensed Pharmacist Dr Pegah Panahi is ready to hear you and help you. With over a decade of experience, Dr Panahi combines her knowledge of traditional medicine and herbalism to create custom herbal and CBD remedies.

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Why Visit Hempeutics Pharmacy

When you visit the Hempeutics shop, you will be met with compassion and knowledge. Every person is heard and each custom remedy is made to reflect each individual’s needs. The team at Hempeutics Pharmacy understands the fact that every person is different, every ailment is different, and every solution is different.

Work one on one with a licensed Pharmacist to create a wellness plan and remedy. There are no long lines, or segmented barriers (like at CVS or Walgreens) just you and a health expert who cares.

Not Another CBD Shop

There are plenty of CBD and hemp products on the market. Sure, you can even pick something up at a local dispensary. Just know that Hempeutics is NOT a CBD or THC store.

Hempeutics Pharmacy is a brick and mortar shop created to help people find real wellness solutions with actual healthcare professionals. It is where modern medicine and herbalism meet the holistic benefits of CBD through custom remedies.

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The Benefits of Customization

With endless “catch all” treatments, medications, and regamins out there, why not consider a custom herbal remedy? When you visit or schedule a virtual consultation with Hempeutics Pharmacy you can except:

  • To discuss your wellness needs with a healthcare professional
  • Customizable treatments based on your individual needs
  • People who are dedicated to working with you
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Affordable pricing
  • Compassion

Schedule Your Wellness Consultation

We welcome you to connect with us and discuss how Hempeutics Pharmacy can improve your health goals. Whether you can visit us in person at our Huntington Beach location or would like to chat virtually first. We are here to help you.

Hempeutics Pharmacy is located off Beach Blvd in beautiful Huntington Beach California. With ample parking and easy storefront access, the Hempeutics team is ready to work with you to create a custom remedy and wellness plan.

Authentic Tradition
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