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Introducing new-age holistic wellness through CBD essential oil compounding. Therapeutic results at affordable prices, for those looking for alternative remedies to health.

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The Path to Custom CBD Remedies

Hempeutics Pharmacy offers custom made CBD remedies for patients local to Orange County and beyond. Our Huntington Beach location is conveniently located off Beach BLVD near the 405 and 22 freeways. Come visit us in person to discuss your wellness goals with real medical professionals.

For those suffering to find relief- we welcome you.

  • “I have not been able to get sleep for God knows how long. Thank you Dr. Panahi for helping me find the best mix for me. I’ve been having more energy and feeling amazing!”

    -Margot, Elementary Teacher

  • “The pain in my feet is no longer an issue. I can not believe it. I got rid of my medicine cabinet full of pills, ointment, junk, and traded it for this one bottle.”

    -Jackson, Retired Athlete

  • “My mother was afraid of trying CBD. She is very conservative and still bought into the weed stigmas. But after her last flare up we got desperate. She couldn’t even hold her fork at this point. Thanks to the team at Hempeutics Pharmacy for meeting me and mother with kindness and compassion. She is finding relief and mobility. Thank you!”

    -Wendy, Financial Advisor

  • “There were periods of time when I couldn’t get out of my bed and even sneezing was painful. Nothing I did was working. By chance I walked into Hempeutics Pharmacy and Pegah was the sweetest. She treated me like family. I wish I had met her sooner.”

    -Ashley, Realestate Agent

  • “Finding pain support as an addict is difficult at best. I was getting ready for a procedure and wanted to find an alternative to prescription painkillers. My co-worker mentioned CBD as an option and I found Hempeutics Pharmacy. Very straightforward people and I am impressed by how comfortable this CBD oil has made my recovery.”

    -Michael, Videographer

  • “My seasonal depression can get intense! I didn’t want to start taking more pills to manage it. Thankfully, the tincture Dr. Panahi made me, is curbing it. Hashtag blessed.”

    -Janelle, Fashion Consultant

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    What is CBD short for?
    CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the 113+ compounds found in hemp plants.
    Is CBD marijuana?
    CBD is a compound derived from hemp. Marijuana contains CBD but CBD itself does not have the same “high” effects that people experience with marijuana.
    How does CBD work?

    CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid with the ability to act on cannabinoid receptors found in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

    Phytocannabinoids (plant cannabinoids) bind with ECS and many have found therapeutic benefits in vital bodily functions. While not currently approved by the FDA- many have found benefits to include: sleep, pain, inflammation, and more.

    Who is Hempeutics Pharmacy?

    Hempeutics Pharmacy is the passion project of Pharmacist Dr. Pegah Panahi. After spending a decade working to heal patients through traditional medicine, she found many struggled to find long term solutions for their suffering.

    Hempeutics Pharmacy was created to help those looking for alternative relief for their ailments through holistic approaches. People can consult in person with Dr. Panahi to find a customized solution utilizing CBD and organic oil compounding.

    Why Choose Hempeutics Pharmacy for Your Wellness?

    Hempeutics Pharmacy values life. The team at Hempeutics Pharmacy wants you to live a full and healthy life, without pain and suffering. Whether you purchase online or visit our brick and mortar location in Huntington Beach, the team is here to help you find your wellness through CBD.

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