What is the expiration date of CBD Oil?

Posted on November 10th, 2021 to CBD Oil

Products that are natural and made without preservatives, usually have a shorter shelf life. Many factors can affect the shelf life of CBD Oil, but the main three are: the quality of the ingredients, how the oil is packaged and it is stored.

As expected, higher quality products usually last longer than inexpensive products.  At Hempeutics Pharmacy, we use both high quality ingredients and high quality packaging.  We dispense our CBD oil tinctures and topicals in amber glass, air tight bottles because it looks great and protects the CBD oil. 

In general CBD oil will last one to two years when stored properly in dark-colored glass and kept away from heat and sunlight. We recommend storing your CBD in dark, cool areas with temperatures between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  

If you choose to refrigerate your CBD products it won’t harm them or increase the CBD oil shelf life but will affect the viscosity.  Refrigerated CBD oil will generally be thicker and murkier until you allow it to reach room temperature. If it doesn’t thin and remains cloudy once it has reached room temperature, it will be important to smell the product to make sure it doesn’t smell rotten and to check the expiration date.

Will the CBD Oil go bad once opened? 

An opened CBD product will generally have the same expiration date as an unopened CBD product when stored properly.  Make sure to tightly close the bottle or package and keep it in a dark, cool area like a cabinet or drawer.

So does CBD oil go bad? 

As we stated above – like any other quality products, CBD oil will eventually expire (opened or not). CBD products will last the entire shelf life when stored properly. At Hempeutics we offer various sizes of bottles to help reduce the chances of not having enough time to consume the product before it expires.

Where Is the CBD Oil Expiration Date?

The expiration date should be on the packaging as required by the FDA for consumer protection. At Hempeutics Pharmacy our CBD oil expiration dates are listed clearly above the QR code on our tincture bottles and on the front packaging of our CBD gummies.  To conclude, CBD products that haven’t been stored properly or are past the expiration date listed on the product should be disposed of properly. 


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